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Info about this simulation game, and any other knowledge, is appreciated. Play the game as well! It's good, and a lot of fun. Even if you already know how to play this game, try reading through and see what you can do to contribute to the wiki. And, please, don't spam. So share any info and essential details you know about the gameplay, or how you enjoyed the game itself.Edit


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This Wiki will be about the game and simulator 'Idle Planet'. It is playable through Newgrounds - link - and very interesting. Read and/or add info about it in the Wiki, and post pages that relate/report issues contained in the game itself. It would be good to have your help! If you don't know much of the game, read the Game Introduction page. This simple Web game is a joy to play, free, and no downloading is necessary. So try it out and see how you like it, then let us know here, on the wiki!

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